Decided to re-open this blog. Using it to communicate with my Spanish speaking friends in Peru...blogs will be in Espanol for a while - Thank you ;-)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Just keep moving...

Everything right now hinges around the move this weekend. Sometimes I get really excited, sometimes I get a little apprehensive. Other times, I feel a bit nostalgic, but mostly I want to get it over so I can get to the nitty- gritty of my life. Been less than a month since Nicky went back to live with his mom and that still is a weight in my heart. It is hard to cope with the silence and the adult order that now reigns over my place. No laughter, no toys lying around, no dirty little clothes to pick up. The PS3 waiting anxiously for someone to turn it on... I wonder if the whirlwind of emotions is ever going to stop, but the hormone levels have not shown any signs of compassion.

I am excited about my move because it is the first time in eight years. I remember how excited I was to move from Peru to the US, twenty years ago. I knew I was not going to see my college friends anymore, and the two people I knew here (mom and sis) knew basically nothing about me. Yeah, I didn't want to come up here, but that was the only option. I remember the first year I felt terribly isolated and I was soo homesick. I missed my grandparents, whom I had lived for a long time with. Needless to say, I never saw them alive again, and that has always bothered me to the point that I refuse to go back to Peru for a visit. Never heard back from my college friends after a year either. 25 years later, I don't have any idea of what happened to them. They stopped writing to me and cellphones were not in widespread use back then. ( that makes me feel prehistoric :-P)

Moving to Michigan for 3 years increased my irritation towards moving. I lived several years near the frozen lakes and their terrible snow belts. I did enjoy the change of seasons and rural atmosphere but something was calling me back to the great South Florida megalopolis so I moved back. I remember driving the 20 foot U-Haul truck along with a car transport. Did the trip back in 36 hours, non-stop down I-75. It was in coffee and Mountain Dew stupor that I heard over the radio that Joey Ramone had died- I listened to almost 2 hours of Ramones classics, would have been longer but I lost the station as I rumbled on south. I was glad I found my position at my former job open. I also found a rental trailer in the park I had lived before moving up north. My kids had celebrity status in the park. Before them, the owner had refused to rent to people with babies. My then spouse and I had appealed to him, cuz basically we had nowhere else to go. And thus Lil P was the first baby born in the park. Literally. The day the water broke, Renee was inside the trailer and I was grilling dinner outside. She came out and told me she thought her water was about to break, and as she said so... Don't remember what happened to my dinner but I remember we used every available towel on the way to the hospital. But most of my friends in the park have moved on, and it is not the same with strangers I barely know. Nicky didn't want anything to do with the new kids in the park this year, and that was another sign that told me it was time.

This time, however will be in itself another challenge. No more male dude around the neighborhood. Just Laura... will keep you posted :-)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Time's up...

Time's up for 360- seems that the glitches and problems have become unbearable , even for the most stalwart account holders. I don't think I will post any new blogs there anymore. I do hate starting anew in other blog spots, I will have to figure out how they work, eventually. I tried to comment, what's worse, just tried to read some blogs on 360 that I found interesting: I couldn't get there, frustrating isn't the word. That's too bad. I will keep updating my 360 page as best as I can, since I am always getting mail there.

Time's up for my old trailer, a place I have called home for the past seven years. Lots of fond memories and terrifying moments in this place. I remember when I weathered Hurricane Wilma in here. I do consider that, one of the most foolish things I ever did. I've had a lot of fond memories too: the kids brought a lot of noise and laughter to a rather dull and silent area in the trailer park. Unfortunately, termites, crackling fuse boxes and a landlord who does not want to repair stuff, unless he raises the rent has forced me to think about moving. I will be staying in Glenda's house for a while, 'til I get some $$$ saved. I do not want this to be a long term deal. I always will like my own place, I do enjoy my solitude, sometimes. The move is at the end of August, and I am not sure how the router situation is at G's house, so I don't know how I will stay in touch, but I don't think the problem will last more than a couple of weeks :-P I might connect my cell to twitter, which I have found to be quite entertaining and sometimes, informative...

Time's up for Nicky's vacation. We fly to Arizona on Tuesday, since his Mom moved from Michigan. It seems I won't be bugging Riz and her friends anymore. Hopefully, I will find some peeps in Az I can bug :-P Weather in South Florida sucks this time of the year. With showers and thunderstorms daily, we haven't been able to go many places this year. The PS3 came in handy though. My accepting family has adapted quite well to my new identity. my mom and my sister often include me in their conversations- like last nite when they were recounting on the cheap place they had found to do their nails. Haven't heard from my dad though, even when I sent some new pics of me with the kids.

Looking forward to these new developments- it is what makes life less dull.