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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Late and Sneaky

I feel like I am sneaking in and leaving a little surprise. It is past 3 am here and I'm listening to some stuff I downloaded from emusic. Shameless plug to emusic here. It is not for everyone, and most people would be disappointed there is no mainstream stellar band groups to download. Glenn hates it, he says I listen to crap, but then again, I found some Reverend Horton Heat he hadn't heard. It's all a matter of taste, acquired and just the regular kind...Latest downloads are Pixies, "Surfer Rosa"; Bauhaus, "In the Flat Field"; and the Damned, "So, who's Paranoid?", this latter one an awesome return from a great band. IMHO, of course

Not sure who is going to read this after such a long hiatus. I am sure people, like me, just move on. Seldom do I look back these days. I do wonder what would have happened if 360 had remained healthy. I find it curious that at this late stage of the game Yahoo is re- vamping the contacts and the email sections. What for? I don't even update my profile anymore :-P Nowadays, I find myself going to more often than to my YIM. It is more probable to find my kids there. Yep, I have an account there, and I do feed my pets regularly ( uh-huh I got 4 of those critters) The other reason I go online is to check on notes on the game Fallout 3. Finished the game last week, and despite the lousy ending, I find myself creating a new character and playing it again. A sign of a very addicting game, not since Final Fantasy 4 have I replayed a game with such enthusiasm.

Attended a Christmas Party at Glenn's friends' house last weekend. Everyone invited had to bake X-mas cookies. G, as the superb baker he is, had a batch of rugulas ( is that how you spell it?) Did have cold feet about going, especially when no one there is someone I knew. The host and hostess did a great job though. I found myself not hanging with any particular group. Either you found me in front of the TV with the guys shooting the football crap or I was in the kitchen with some of the girls just chit chatting bout food or my hair, which received a bunch of compliments. Kudos to Eric ( my hairdresser) who decided on layering. No pics, sorry :-P I would say there were about 20-30 guests. Mostly, straight couples and 2-3 gay couples. I assume everyone knew about me beforehand, without meeting me. No one asked any awkward questions and nobody seemed to have a problem with pronouns, which wouldn't have made a difference. Couple of guys kinda stared but not too intently. It was fun.

Best for last: Last nite. Was running on empty, so I stopped at the gas station. Regular was 1.699. My 30 bucks usually fill half a tank, but this time it filled the whole tank. Excited and happy I went home, parked and just chilled. Around 10.30 pm hysterical firemen showed up at the door. They ended towing my van because the plastic gas tank had cracked and gas was leaking everywhere. You should file for bankruptcy Ford Motor Co. shame on you- plastic gas tanks, ugh! Took 300.00 to take the car out of the towing company's pound. My mechanic wanted 450 bucks to replace the tank. I think I am going to junk the dang thing, even if we find the part in a junkyard, changing a gas tank must really be a pain in the rear. So it looks like I will be out of a ride for X-mas. And that's not all. My phone in the morning decided to stop working. Making an hour long line to get a new phone was very exciting, really. I'm glad I had all my Christmas shopping done. Only thing is my Az trip is in jeopardy until my next paycheck rolls in.

Oh yeah, there are some pics. I didn't take them. A good friend of mine told me I had some pics in the magazine "Transformation"
Really? I said. I was wondering what had happened to some porn pics I misplaced a long time ago, just kidding. So since I don't subscribe I asked if she could send them in an email, which she did. As a thought though, who reads mags these days anyways? The pics are from a couple of years ago, from an event I attended in Miami Beach. I don't think I look that good in them, but I was flaunting my hair. Eric would kill me if he saw the mess I had on my hair then ...

Anyhoo, If you read this before the 25, I hope you have a wonderful Holiday. Best wishes for the best in 2009. Wonder if my wireless PS3 hand control is fully charged by now....


Renee said...

I'm still here! Good to hear you and Glen are still alive and kicking! I miss you!

Vulnavia Morbius said...

I'm still here, too! Renee and I are GONNA come visit you one of these days, you know. And if G is cooking, you may never get rid of us.

Don't be a stranger. I love hearing from you.

dawgit's World said...

I read it, I read it, so there. :)
I wish you too a very Merry Christmas. Have a lot of fun. -d

Le visage d'avril said...

I see it!

Sorry about your car.

Ms. Rho said...

360? Oh yeah, I remember that. Good times, good times.

Good to see you're still alive. Give my love to Glen too. :)

genevieve said...

Great to hear from you Laura. Have a Merry Christmas.

Jamie Danielle Tellez said...

Hello Laura! I was happy to find your blog, and glad you are still posting. I must say, if we have one thing in common (other than being transgendered!), it is musica! I am a big fan of every band you have talked about! My music collection probably looks a lot like yours! It was funny, you mentioned Surfer Rosa, and I have been listening to that one a lot lately. My kids and I were listening to "Tony's Theme" repeatedly in the car the other day so that they could learn all the words. Soon we were all screaming in unison! :)
I hope you have a great holiday time! Thanks for sharing! - Jamie

Anonymous said...

I have your blog page bookmarked and check it from time to time. Great to know things are going okay, except for the few mishaps with your van and your phone.

I still maintain my 360 blog, as I have not made the move to another blog site. Not too many on there, but still have a few friends check it from time to time.

Anyway, please keep us informed how you are doing, even if once every few months.

Hugs, Tiana :)