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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nursing the wounds on Sunday

Guess it takes a whole Sunday afternoon to recover from last nite antics. Last nite at Fuci's was cool. My friend Dominic and Bobby played in the house band. Dom plays the lead guitar, Bobby is the drummer. Although it is not the best band in the world, it is enjoyable to watch friends play live music and having fun doing it. Today I woke up with a slight headache, a queasy stomach that didn't let go all day and a big bruise on my left arm. Apparently, I fell or hit something in the dark while getting ready for bed. Glenn told me I was doing crazy stunts on the bed when I fell, but I don't believe him :-P Lately, I have been bruising badly at work and because of hrt, my skin has become prone to these ailments. Nails tend to crack and chip too, specially when carrying O2 tanks. I have learned to use utility gloves for the most part. But the job is still physical and my legs still get constant bruises and cuts. I'm glad I wear those thick Dickies slacks to work. Most of the times I go out I wear jeans cuz my legs are bruised, kind of a pain in the ass, but that's the job I know how to do...

In a matter of 3 months my mom, Ken and my sister have lost their jobs. I am quite concerned about these hard economic times because again, my plans to move closer to the kids is foiled by circumstances beyond my control. I know it is going to be hard to find a job wherever I go, and let's add my gender issues to the mix and well, we got to put temporary stop to the plans. We discuss these things between the kids and I, and I get to worry again when we discuss our plans for summer vacations. Looking for deals on airplane tickets is the best thing to do, the laptop and the internet are invaluable for this kind of research.

I like the format of my new online hangout: Facebook. It is not Y360 but I like it a lot better than MySpace, an account I deleted. Apparently, MySpace decided that it didn't like an application I had on my page(Project Playlist) and proceeded to remove it, only telling me AFTER they had gone into my profile. So on the notes you write on the reason why you are deleting your profile, I said that if you had sent me a note to remove it I would have. It was not necessary to act all police state on a site I had lost quite a lot of interest really. Anyways, Facebook has been quite a pleasant experience and I would recommend it for someone who wants to make a friend network. My only concern with it is the numerous game applications you are flooded with every day. I like Mousehunt but I tend to ignore invitations to other apps.

I am starting to like the PT Cruiser more. I really appreciate it more as I discover more things about it. Apparently, the original owner had made some mods on the engine. I had noticed it had a custom exhaust and a K&N Air Filter, which is nice for a turbo car. When Glenda left the lights on last weekend and I had to jump start the car I found out I had some hi-perf fuel injectors. Yeah, I know it is only a puny 4-cylinder but someone pampered that car and I appreciate that.

Guess that's it for now. Valentine's Day is next week, so I wish all of you the best lovey-dovey time. Me? I will probably go to my favorite restaurant, but I need a hair appointment pronto :-P

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genevieve said...

Hey Laura. I'm about your family members losing their jobs. Getting tougher here, too.

Can't party like I used to (which wasn't much) but it's fun once in a while.